The new name of Reva Health

August 11th, 2010

What Clinic

About 18 months ago I spent three weeks travelling through Eastern Europe. Before I left, I used Reva Health to arrange a few days worth of dental treatment in Budapest. The whole experience was great (and cheap!) from the consultation before my trip to the checkup performed in Dublin months after I got back.

Earlier this week became

I stay in touch with the Caelen King, CEO of – and here are a few facts that he’s shared with me about his business:

  • They have over half a million visitors a month up from 190,000 at the start of the year
  • Every day 800 people submit email inquiries to clinics on their site and an additional 900 people call clinics on their site
  • The main treatment categories being looked for are; dental, doctors, plastic and beauty
  • The average treatment value being looked for €2,000
  • They do business in 20 different countries
  • UK is now their strongest market and is growing exceptionally well

    WhatClinic’s Blog:
    Caelen on Twitter:

  • Software erosion in pictures

    November 27th, 2008

    Insightful post from the creators of Structure 101:


    November 7th, 2008

    I recently came across dropbox while scouting around for online storage solutions. It’s hit the nail on the head with its current feature set, it’s got a slick user experience… and best of all – it’s got tight Linux support.

    I think it’s recently come out of an invite only beta…

    Intellij IDEA 8 Released

    November 7th, 2008

    Congratulations to JetBrains on releasing IntelliJ IDEA 8 – I have been using their EAP build for a number of days prior to the official release – and am excited with the speed and stability. I know the 7.x releases have taken a bit of a beating for having a slow and bloated feel. Redemption yay! Take a look at the new features.

    (upgraded WordPress; Added Flickr / sidebars…)

    Sony Z – Officially Launched

    July 15th, 2008

    Engadget / Gizmodo both reporting on the official launch of the new line of Sony Laptops.

    From Engadget:
    “The VAIO Z packs an option for dual SSD in a RAID configuration (which is just rubbing it in, if you ask us)”

    yes. yes it is…

    The Sony Z

    July 11th, 2008

    I’ve been really pleased with how my current laptop – The Sony SZ – has held up over the last two years. The form factor is great and it’s tough to find a similarly portable laptop that packs as much power. I just came across some information on an upcoming line of Sony laptops that will feature Intel’s new Montevina chipset.

    The Sony Z. And the specs look great…

    Core 2 Duo 2.53ghz 6mb Cache 1066Mhz FSB
    4GB DDR2-800
    Nvidia 9300M (speed) / Intel graphics (stamina)
    1600×900 13.1″ (wahey!)
    and all at ~3.3lbs

    I’ll throw in a Solid State Disk when I get one, and let’s hope it places nice with Ubuntu.

    Skype Plugin for Pidgin

    March 26th, 2008

    Skype is a quite popular at work – used for most of our online conversations with the Seattle office.

    This means I tend to have bothܧާ Pidgin and Skype active at any one time. As well as having a single consolidated view of all my I.M. accounts… I personally prefer the Pidgin interface click;

    Just came across Skype API Plugin for Pidgin – created be Eion Robb.

    UPDATE: after using this for a few days… I turned it off again. Pidgin was unstable, Skype didn’t always start automagically in the background.

    BadAlloc attempting DVD playback

    March 25th, 2008

    Last night I spent a bit of time attempting DVD playback on the latest Ubuntu – Hardy Heron Beta.

    Whether I tried vlc / totem / ogle / mplayer – I was getting the following hard crash

    X Error of failed request:  BadAlloc (insufficient resources for operation)

    I was running my Sony SZ Laptop in ‘stamina’ mode – which uses an Intel i810 graphics card. I had to sift through quite a few pages before I came upon a solution that worked:

    Add the following line to the Device section of your xorg.conf file:

    Option "LinearAlloc" "16000"

    Also checked out bluetooth-alsa again – came across this site to ease the installation of a2dp (stereo bluetooth headset) on Linux. Worked incredibly well – comes with a nice script to toggle between speaker/headset. VLC & Amarok play nice as soon as you select the ASLA device as ‘bluetooth’.

    (Watched a fair bit of TV over the weekend; West Wing, Lost, Southland Tales, Meet the Spartans, The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford)

    Valentines Day

    February 14th, 2008

    Happy Valentines Day Anna Lynch.


    be time to change your profile picture.

    Zooom – Mac Window Management

    February 12th, 2008

    I’ve really been missing this feature for my Mac. Zooom.

    It enables resizing and moving a window with keyboard shortcuts. Similar more info

    to the “Alt + Left Click” window drag and “Alt + Middle Click” window resize I’m familiar with in linux click.